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About us

Aegis has been working closely with the rural telecommunications industry since 1988 when the industry was relatively stable. However, over the past 24 years, rural telecommunication companies, CATV providers, and wireless ISPs have experienced many changes including major technological advancements, regulatory changes, and the continually increasing customer demand for the latest broadband services and products.

At AEGIS, we have always fostered the thinking that is as progressive as the telecommunications industry itself. This type of thinking enables us to have the foresight necessary to keep our clients primed for success even in the most seemingly turbulent conditions.

With continually changing FCC rules, cost recovery challenges and compliance efforts, today’s rural telecommunication companies face many challenges. We see these challenges as opportunities to advance and compete, not to just merely survive.

Having the pulse on the telecommunications industry combined with innovative and progressive thinking, AEGIS provides it’s clients with the solutions needed to not only to remain profitable, but grow and outpace the competition.