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PLAN B Survey

To help us better understand your business structure, and to expedite your inquiries about PLAN B™, please fill out this quick and secure survey. Upon review of your survey, an AEGIS account executive will call you to discuss your business needs and how PLAN B can help meet them.

First Name

Last Name

Company Name




Zip Code

Phone Number



1. How Many Serving Areas?

2. Presence in How Many States?

3. How many exchanges?

4. How many voice lines?

5. Offer Broadband?

6. Broadband Delivery?

Other (please describe)

7. Rate of Return or Price Cap?

8. Member of NECA?

9. Cost or Average Schedule?

10. Does Company Utilize Soft Switch?

11. Current Cost Consultant

12. Current Billing Vendor or Platform

13. State Certified?

14. Serving Native American Lands?

15. Offer Wireless?

If so, is it through partnership?

16. Offering IPTV?

17. If so, IPTV middleware vendor.

18. Offering Long Distance?

19. TDM, VoIP or both?

20. Currently bundling services?

21. RUS Borrower?

22. BTOP/BiP Recipient?

Type in the words you see (case sensitive). Click Refresh for new words.