Our Services

Regulatory Compliance

Aegis prides itself on keeping our clients in full compliance with necessary state and federal measures, from telecommunications service providers, competitive local exchange carriers, ILEC's, WISPS to recognized eligible telecommunications carriers. We have over 50 years of combined experience working with state and federal agencies for our clients' compliance needs.

Development of cost-of-service studies

Whether it is calculating revenue requirements for rate making purposes, or simply wanting to understand the cost structure of all of the services provided over your network, we have over 50 years experience in developing, maintaining and customizing cost models to suit your needs.

Financial feasibility

Every carrier wants to provide the best technology at the fastest speeds and the lowest maintenance cost. Our forte is helping our clients achieve that by also considering payback, IRR, discounted cash flow and present value analysis. We strongly believe that the best technological solution must also be the one that pays back the quickest. Between our financial, regulatory and technical expertise, we can find the right solution.

Loan/Grant Applications

Our success rate in helping our clients obtain RUS loans, grants or even commercial debt is sterling. If you wish us to take the lead or have us work with your staff, engineers or other consultants, we can help provide what you need. Ask us for recommendations.

Budgets & Financial Planning

Our industry changes and so must operations. Keeping on track with state and federal regulatory requirements can result in costs. Can you recover all or most of those costs? How can you keep those costs at the absolute minimum? We do this for our clients everyday.

Regulatory Representation

Are you planning on filing an application at the state PUC? Do you need assistance with filing a waiver with the FCC? Are you needing expert witness representation in either state or federal agency hearing before an Administrative Law Judge? Call us and we can get started today. Ask for our list of state and federal causes over the past 20 years.

Rate Development

How much does it cost to provide a service? What are my competitors offering for the same service? How can I distinguish myself from my competition? How many subscribers would I need to cash flow this service or to pay back the capital costs? We work with our clients to either provide pricing options, market analysis, SWOT to help them maximize market share.